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We provide free polishing to keep the teeth’ surface smooth

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We let you know everything you need to know about your oral health

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Get 3 cycles of whitening + Free Whitening Booster

Usually you only get one but now, we give you 3 cycles to make your teeth Whittier and long lasting

Liyana rashidliyana rashid
12:50 28 May 24
Series x regrets coming to this clinic.. staff is okay, the doctor is also friendly, doctor Aiman ​​is very helpful, he is bright from the teeth to the cost.. especially those who come to this area pls come.. x will regret it
Soma rupiniSoma Rupini
12:15 28 May 24
One of the best dental clinics I have been to. Excellent service by Dr.Aiman. He explained well regarding he procedure and showed me the significant results after the procedure.
Nedys secretNedys Secret
11:28 28 May 24
Alhamdulillah, thanks to Dr. Aiman ​​for the clear explanation and solution to save the teeth other than the option to continue pulling the teeth 😅InsyaAllah will continue to do treatment here. Tq 👍🏻👍🏻
10:54 25 May 24
Came here for their teeth whitening promo, RM450 for a 3x cycle teeth whitening (with scaling & polishing) which i thought was a solid deal. Dr Aiman was really friendly, informed me about the entire process, was willing to answer questions and also did a little filling for free. Clean space and good service, can’t ask for more 👍🏻
Iffa halimIffa Halim
12:56 24 May 24
Dr. Aiman did an excellent job on my root canal treatment. He was very professional and explained every step of the procedure clearly. I felt informed and comfortable throughout the appointment. His assistant was also fantastic. They were very helpful and ensured everything ran smoothly.I especially appreciated that Dr. Aiman took the time to answer all my questions and address any concerns I had. The use of modern technology made the procedure more efficient and less invasive.Overall, I had a very positive experience at Dens Care and would highly recommend them to anyone needing dental work.
Noor afiqahNoor Afiqah
04:34 18 May 24
I recently visited for a scaling and annual check-up, and I was very impressed with the experience. Dr. Aiman is friendly and provides excellent service. He thoroughly explained my teeth’s condition and offered helpful suggestions. The clinic is clean, comfortable, and staff with friendly personnel.
Lady merlowLady Merlow
07:01 04 May 24
Great experience! Its been awhile since I've been to the dentist 😬 So Dr.Aiman's explanation really helps to clear the air. Treatment was good and staffs are very nice. The waiting room is super comfy too. Definitely would recommend 👌
Noor shafiqah hashimNoor Shafiqah Hashim
11:19 25 Apr 24
Had a visit here for my dental appointment and this is my experience!The doctor gave me a very good explanation about the dental and gums care (and I got an earful for it too due to my longggggg due visit to dental clinics 😆) but I love it! He genuinely wants me to be aware of our dental hygiene and how to take care of our teeth in the correct ways. He also addresses my problems and the best solutions that they can do for me so that I can take care of my teeth in long run.The doctor and staffs are also very friendly and and always make sure that we are okay when on the session.I'm very satisfied after my session and currently planning for my next visit!
Nabilah nasirunNabilah Nasirun
12:36 21 Feb 24
Thank God, friendly service. Best service.
Amir yusofamir yusof
12:35 21 Feb 24
Best explaination by Dr Aiman
Soo chin tengSoo Chin Teng
11:39 21 Feb 24
First time i come. The environment here is very good. Doctor Aiman was friendly and helpful.
10:29 21 Feb 24
Great treatment from Dr Aiman and all of the staff at Klinik Dr Des Care. Really detailed explanation from the Dr and I love my result!
Hafiz yusofHafiz Yusof
10:44 18 Feb 24
It was an amazing experience here. Comfortable place with welcoming feeling from the staff.
I recently had a fantastic experience at Dens Care clinic. From the moment I walked in, the staff was incredibly welcoming and professional. The clinic's atmosphere is calming, and the waiting area is spotless.Dr. Aiman is a true expert in the field. They took the time to explain each step of the process, ensuring I felt comfortable throughout my appointment. The attention to detail and commitment to patient care were evident.The dental hygienists and support staff were equally impressive, demonstrating a high level of skill and empathy. Their commitment to cleanliness and hygiene is commendable.I appreciate the efficient scheduling and minimal wait times. The entire team at Dens Care clinic goes above and beyond to create a positive experience for their patients.I highly recommend Klinik Pergigian Dens Care for anyone seeking top-notch dental care in a friendly and professional environment. Thank you for the outstanding service!
Acid cdenAcid Cden
12:32 15 Feb 24
Very good dental clinic especially Dr. Aiman, supporting and cheerful doctor making the session smooth and less pressure indeed. Reccomended!
Azmi baharuddinAzmi Baharuddin
09:17 02 Feb 24
I have had one of the best dental experiences so far. Dr Aiman explained thoroughly about my dental condition. I was pretty surprised that I had my first dental caries, and Dr Aiman did an excellent job treating it. He did have me free fluoride treatment as well. Thank you to the Dens Care team. Good job!
Carmen lohCarmen Loh
03:18 30 Jan 24
The doctor and staffs are very friendly. Great service and explanation regarding the whole process of the treatment. Overall quite satisfied with the results.
Azleena razakAZLEENA RAZAK
15:44 28 Jan 24
Very recommended dental clinic. It was the first time I came here and I found the clinic looks very nice with modern and calming ambience. The decoration and lighting are beautiful, they also turn on soothing music to make you feel calm. I had my dental treatment with Dr.Aiman, before the treatment starts Dr.Aiman did some prelim checks on my teeth and explained on the procedure. His explanation is very clear with examples and visual photos taken with advanced dental camera. Dr.Aiman and his staff are very friendly and professional, even when I had to wait slightly longer passed my appointment time, they will personally apologise. Overall I have a very good experience and will definitely come back 🙂
Fazira haz rimanFazira Haz Riman
08:57 28 Jan 24
Thank you Dr. Aiman and staff for the wonderful service. I've gotten two scaling treatments for Dens Care and their service has always been helpful and professional. Brought my whole family here and they're also satisfied with the services.
Puteri aininPuteri Ainin
07:48 28 Jan 24
Doc gives a clear explanation. I asked twice to understand. Doc always answered 🤣 so far this is the second repeat. You have to do it here, you know! Best

Why Choose Us

  • Premium Materials

    We understand the importance of your teeth, so we use premium materials to make sure your teeth are protected all the time

  • Affordable

    Our whitening package starts at RM200 and it's one of the most competitive pricing for teeth whitening in Cheras & KL area

  • Over 600+ 5-Star Reviews

    Over 50,000 patients served in our 3 and a half years, we've garnered great reputation with our affordable prices and team's friendliness

What We Offer

How it works

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1. Examination

Oral Examination & Consultation
Scaling to remove plaque
Polishing teeth
Photography session

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2. Whitening

Mouth retraction
Apply gingival barrier application
Apply whitening gel mixture
Turn on lights, curing 8 minutes

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3. Removal

Remove excess
Reapply new gel for second cycle
Remove everything

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4. Smile Brighter

See results instantly and improving in 3 days’ time


Most Popular Questions

Dental whitening lightens teeth by breaking down stains. It's like giving your teeth a deep clean to bring back their sparkle!

Results vary, but teeth can become several shades whiter. The effects can last from a few months to three years, depending on care.

Some might feel temporary sensitivity during or after the treatment. It's more of a tingling sensation than pain, really.

Absolutely! When done by professionals or with approved products, teeth whitening is very safe.

No worries! Teeth whitening, when done correctly by dental professionals like us at Dens Care, doesn't spoil the enamel. We ensure the process is safe and effective, preserving the health of your teeth while giving you that brighter smile you're looking for. Your enamel will be just fine!

We recommend waiting until after pregnancy for whitening treatments, just to be extra cautious.

With good oral hygiene and habits, your bright smile can last up to three years. Just remember, avoiding staining drinks and foods helps a lot!

It’s best to wait until your braces are off. This way, we can ensure even whitening across all your teeth.

Whitening doesn't harm existing dental work, but these restorations won't lighten like natural teeth. We'll tailor the treatment to match your overall smile.

After whitening, try to avoid foods and drinks that stain for 48 hours. Think of it as letting your teeth set into their new shade!

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