Root Canal (Akar Gigi) Treatment In Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras

Root canal in bandar sri permaisuri

Dental Root Canal Treatments at Dens Care

Welcome to Dens Care, your go-to dental clinic situated in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, Malaysia. We take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of dental services, and one of our specialized treatments is Dental Root Canal Treatments. 

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain or sensitivity, don’t worry – our skilled dental team is here to help you regain your smile’s health and vitality. 


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Why You Need Dental Root Canal Treatments

Dental Root Canal Treatments become necessary when the pulp, the soft tissue within the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, becomes infected or damaged. This can happen due to deep decay, a cracked tooth, or a dental injury. If left untreated, the infection can lead to severe pain, abscess formation, and even tooth loss. Root Canal Treatments are designed to save your natural tooth and alleviate your discomfort, allowing you to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Types of Dental Root Canal Treatments

At Dens Care, we offer two primary types of Dental Root Canal Treatments:

Single Root Canal (Anterior Teeth): This type of treatment is performed on front teeth, which typically have a single root. It involves removing the infected pulp and sealing the root canal with a filling material.

Multiple Root Canals (Posterior Teeth): Back teeth, also known as posterior teeth, have multiple roots and canals. Root Canal Treatment for these teeth involves removing infected pulp from each canal and thoroughly cleaning and sealing them to ensure complete healing.

The Dental Root Canal Treatment Process

Getting a Root Canal Treatment at Dens Care is a smooth and pain-relieving process:

Consultation: During your initial visit, our compassionate dentist will assess your tooth’s condition and discuss the need for a root canal treatment. We’ll address any concerns you may have and make sure you’re comfortable with the procedure.

Anesthesia: Before starting the treatment, the affected area will be numbed with local anesthesia, ensuring you feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.

Pulp Removal: Our skilled dentist will create a small access hole in the tooth to remove the infected or damaged pulp from the root canals, meticulously cleaning and disinfecting them.

Filling and Sealing: Once the canals are thoroughly cleaned, they will be filled with a biocompatible material and sealed to prevent further infection.

Restorative Treatment: After a successful root canal, we may recommend a dental crown or filling to strengthen and protect the treated tooth, restoring its function and appearance.

Benefits of Dental Root Canal Treatments

Undergoing a Dental Root Canal Treatment at Dens Care offers several advantages, including:

Pain Relief: Root Canal Treatments alleviate toothache and discomfort caused by dental infections.

Tooth Preservation: By saving the natural tooth, you maintain a stable bite and avoid the need for tooth replacement options like dental implants or bridges.

Improved Oral Health: Root Canal Treatments prevent the spread of infection and protect adjacent teeth from damage.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Following the procedure and restorative treatment, your tooth’s appearance will be restored, giving you a beautiful and confident smile.


Root Canal Treatment cost In Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras

The cost of Dental Root Canal Treatments can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the need for additional restorative treatments. Our root canal treatment starts from RM400 per visit.

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Why Choose Dens Care for Dental Root Canal Treatments?

Dens Care stands out as the best choice for Dental Root Canal Treatments in Kuala Lumpur due to several compelling reasons:

Experienced Dental Professionals: Our skilled dentists have extensive experience in performing successful root canal treatments, ensuring optimal results and patient comfort.

Advanced Technology: Dens Care is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Comprehensive Dental Services: We offer a wide range of dental treatments, allowing for seamless coordination of your oral health needs.

Patient-Centered Approach: At Dens Care, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, providing personalized care tailored to your unique requirements.

Booking an Appointment

Don’t let tooth pain hold you back from a radiant smile. Booking your Dental Root Canal Treatment at Dens Care, simply reach out to us via phone / WhatsApp or visit our website. Our friendly staff will be delighted to assist you in securing a suitable time for your visit.


Frequently Ask Questions About Root Canal

Root canal treatment is generally not painful due to the use of local anesthesia. Patients may experience some mild discomfort after the procedure, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Side effects of a root canal are typically minimal. Some patients may experience mild sensitivity or swelling, but these usually subside with time and proper care.

Yes, you can brush your teeth after a root canal. However, be gentle around the treated tooth to avoid any discomfort.

You can eat after a root canal, but it's advisable to stick to soft foods initially to allow the treated tooth to heal. Avoid biting or chewing directly on the treated tooth until it's fully restored.

In many cases, root canal treatment is a preferable option to save a natural tooth. Extraction should be considered when the tooth is extensively damaged, cannot be restored, or poses a risk of infection spreading to nearby teeth. Your dentist will recommend the best option based on your specific dental condition.